Whisked: Your Destination for Premium Breakfast Goods

Whisked is your one-stop shop for eggs and gourmet breakfast goods, nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s #1 food market – the renowned Prahran Market. Savour the morning with our meticulously curated collection that speaks of passion, quality, and local craftsmanship. Visit us for the freshest eggs (chicken, duck, and quail) in town, premium honey hand-picked from all over Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand; as well as a large range of jams, sauces, and pantry staples including butter, milk, and dairy alternatives.


Locally Produced Goods: A Testament to Authenticity and Craft

Behind every product at Whisked lies a tale of dedication and craftsmanship. Our locally produced goods aren't merely items on a shelf; they're symbols of Melbourne's rich artisan culture. By choosing Whisked, you’re not just enjoying high-quality breakfast goods. You’re weaving yourself into the fabric of a community that values authenticity and supports local talent. It's not just breakfast; it's a tradition served on a plate.

Eggs: A Symphony of Freshness and Choice

Breakfast is personal. Everyone has their signature style. And the foundation of many breakfast plates? Eggs. Our vast assortment of chicken, duck, and quail eggs come straight from farms where birds roam free, and freshness is a promise, not a mere claim. They're not just protein; they're the promise of a day started right.


Honey: Liquid Gold from Nature's Alchemy

Imagine a morning when your toast carries the delicate essence of flowers from Victoria, the wild charm of Tasmanian forests, and the pristine purity of New Zealand landscapes. Our premium honey isn’t just a sweetener; it’s a journey through nature's best landscapes.

Healthy Breakfast Products: Fuel for Your Day

In the fast-paced life of Melbourne, breakfast needs to be two things: quick and nutritious. Whisked ensures you don’t compromise taste for health. Our collection of healthy breakfast products is not just food, they're energy, vitality, and a promise of a day full of potential.

Jams, Sauces, and More: Elevating Every Bite

Our curated range doesn’t stop at the classics. From jams bursting with fruit to sauces that add a zing to your palate, every product ensures your breakfast table is a canvas of taste and nutrition. It's about bringing the gourmet market experience right to your kitchen.

Why Choose Whisked?

When you opt for Whisked, you're not just buying breakfast products; you're investing in quality, supporting local artisans, and ensuring your day begins with the best Melbourne has to offer. With a focus on freshness, authenticity, and community, we provide an unparalleled breakfast experience that's hard to find elsewhere.

Ready to Elevate Your Mornings?

Step into a world where breakfast isn’t just a meal, but an event. At Whisked, every product is a curated experience waiting to unfold on your table. Begin your journey with us and transform your mornings into memorable culinary moments.

1 hour free parking!

Spend over $30 on your online order and receive a free hour parking when you collect your order in store.


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